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Why Wrestling Has Rules

Professional wrestling has a long and storied history in America. It has been both the pinnacle of professional sports and the maligned laughing stock, sometimes at the same time. During the first half of the 20th century, it was often the World Champion Professional Wrestler making more money than any other professional athlete, even more than boxing. During the days of local television, wrestling found a home and bred local celebrities at an exponential rate. Wrestling has a long record of success and compelling action.

Then came the 1990’s and the rampant expansion of “hardcore” wrestling. Rules did not matter.

Wrestlers began taking over the shows. Bad attitudes ruined entire companies. For a time, audiences tuned in. It was a train wreck and every week was a new car piling up in the crash. Eventually though, when you have seen enough train wrecks, you finally stop watching. Thus, the audience for wrestling began to dwindle.

Only recently, twenty-five years after the last of the rules-based promotions died, has a new promotion began to strive to live up to those ideals.

King of Sports Championship Wrestling is just that, rules based.

The promotion is not a collection of wrestlers with attitudes attempting to swindle people out of money. Instead it is a legitimate sporting event. With that legitimacy comes a rules-based approach.

            Enforcing count outs at ten seconds, recognizing rope breaks, tag ropes, and the other historically traditional rules of professional wrestling has set KOS apart from other wrestling groups. This return to basics has allows KOS to have a legitimacy that was thrown away by Vince McMahon and return to the Dory Funk Jr. days of when wrestling mattered.

            However, KOS is not just a series of matches. Feuds brew beneath the surface of the athletic competitions. Anger boils over! Sometimes, this means that a pure wrestling contest for money is just not enough. Sometimes, the match is not about money. Sometimes, proving that you are better than the other man takes precedence. Sometimes, that requires an unsanctioned contest.

These contests, do not call them matches for they are not, are not publicly nor officially recognized by KOS.

These contests may occur at KOS events, but are NOT part of the KOS show or brand. Sometimes, they turn into a dog collar chain match. Sometimes, it is a first blood. Sometimes, it is a Tupelo street fight. These contests play no part in determining the ranking for KOS titles or opportunities. What these contests do, however, is allow men to prove to each other just who the better man is.

            King of Sports is the premiere rules-based promotion in Texas. King of Sports is also the premiere non-sanctioned contest promotion in the state of Texas. Check Facebook for all of the latest details on where you can see King of Sports LIVE!

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