King of Sports Wrestling Mike Gunner

King of Sports – A Bit of History

         King of Sports Championship Wrestling, the premiere professional wrestling organization in Texas, has been licensed to hold fundraiser events for schools across the state. King of Sports often partners with

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Spotlight on the Referees

Scott Vodrey and Robert Wells are two of the most respected referees in the state of Texas. They represent all that is unique about King of Sports Championship Wrestling. Respecting

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Haiden’s Quest

Kristopher Haiden has been a wrestling staple in the Southeastern United States for a decade. He has battled all comers, the biggest, the baddest, the toughest, and the meanest. He

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Ryker James: A TOUGH Man

Tall and built with a powerful frame that holds over three hundred pounds of muscle with ease, Ryker James is an intimidating man. A former collegiate football player, his athleticism

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