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King of Sports – A Bit of History

         King of Sports Championship Wrestling, the premiere professional wrestling organization in Texas, has been licensed to hold fundraiser events for schools across the state. King of Sports often partners with local schools to raise funds for areas of need. Last year alone, KOS raised over thirteen thousand dollars for local schools. This has become not just something KOS does but an actual business model for the burgeoning company. President Joe Briscoe stated, “I loved wrestling as a kid. If we can provide family entertainment and raise funds for the schools those kids attend, that’s a win/win to me.” 

Joe Briscoe President of King of Sports Wrestling
President Joe Briscoe

King of Sports is not the wresting that is on television. KOS prides itself in existing in a time warp back to 1984. From the presentation to the hard hitting action, KOS is not “fake.” At its core, KOS is a true sporting event. Rules are followed, referees matter, and the entire event is meant to attract and entertain the entire family.  This has proven over the last year to be a huge draw with shows in Leonard and Paris both drawing over 400 in attendance. 

THE King of Sports
Photo taken at event in Paris, Texas

            I met up with Joe Briscoe, King of Sports President, to discuss how this all came about. I could tell that Briscoe was a busy man and took this very seriously. I was impressed by the very tone of KOS. Briscoe began to share his vision of a promotion that was real. None of the fakeness or the off color and embarrassing content that is often foisted onto the public on television. Briscoe had a vision for a wrestling promotion that was a sporting event, the way it used to be. Rules would matter, time limits would matter, and real wrestlers would actually wrestle. This became a trademark of KOS, they coined it “Texas Strong Style.” 

President Joe Briscoe with Belt

            Briscoe was originally a wrestler in the final days of Bill Watts Mid-South (UWF) promotion. He had left wrestling when “all of that fake stuff was introduced” and ventured into other industries since, being successful in each. Over time, he had lost his first love, wrestling. Then, in a serendipitous moment, as he was flipping the channels at his home, he came across modern wrestling. This lit a fire under him. The fakeness of television wrestling and all of those that then imitate it incensed him. His face grew red just explaining this to me. 

            “We need wrestling that is really wrestling. We need “The Raging Bull” Manny Fernandez, Terry Funk, wrestlers that would punch you in the face. When wrestlers were tough and had rules. Not this television ballet that we see,” Briscoe explained. “My only regret in getting back into this crazy wrestling world is that Mike Gunner has become our Heavyweight Champion. He is legitimate, I will give him that. Two time Gold Glove boxer, undefeated in ToughMan competitions, and undefeated so far in KOS. That’s why I hired Eddie Taurus from Florida to come in and challenge him. We need a champion that reflects our values.” (as of the time of this article release) August 11, 2022)

KOS promises a clean, family friendly, action packed night of good old-fashioned wrestling.

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