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KOS Heavyweight Title Update

In what can only be described as an intense struggle, Bryant versus Gunner faced off in Leonard, Texas in April. In what came to be one of the hottest crowds in recent Texas wrestling history, Gunner found a way to score a pin fall win to become the FIRST EVER KOS Heavyweight Champion.

However, the win is rumored to be tainted. Although the head referee Scott Vodrey was incapacitated at the time, the crowd rose to near riot levels when Gunner, aided by Ace Hart, wrapped Nobe’s throat with a bull rope, using the ring ropes for leverage, they choked Nobe unconscious in order to score the win. This prompted KOS President Joe Briscoe to confront J. J. (Ace) Hart post-match. Hart has used this tactic several times before with Angel Camacho. Gunner stepped in front for his manager. In what was a tense moment, Briscoe and Gunner came nose to nose as Gunner demanded Briscoe place the title belt around his waist.

After the gloating and celebrating of Hart International and Mike Gunner, Nobe Bryant rose in the ring. In an impassioned declaration, Nobe vowed to get his revenge on Mike Gunner. Visibly shaken and disappointed from the defeat, Nobe steeled himself for the journey to come. As he raised his hand with his final pledge, the crowd rose and chanted his name at deafening levels!

Mike Gunner has reached the pinnacle of Texas wrestling! But that also means he is a marked man. Nobe Bryant has vowed revenge and Joe Briscoe has promised a rematch. Gunner, however, is the champion and enjoying all the benefits. Mike Gunner is real, he is dangerous, and he has taken over Texas wrestling and King of Sports! But for how long?

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