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A Rising star Returns

March 26th, a Saturday night, at Chisum High School, a return will be made. Not just of King of Sports Championship Wrestling, which has established itself as the premiere wrestling company in Northeast Texas. But of a new rising star in the world of professional wrestling, Devion. Devion is new to King of Sports but he is the exact type of athlete that will thrive in the competitive environment of KOS.  

            Devion is a Paris native. Born and raised in Paris, the Westgate community to be exact, this is a return home for him. Just days after his birthday, he will step into the KOS ring and bring the house down! Devion is a unique example of how hard work and passion pays off in life.

Devion was not always the up and coming talk of Texas wrestling. In fact, he started his journey play wrestling with his grandfather in the backyard barn of the old home place. Learning to fight, wrestle, grip, and hook, the way that the old timers used to. Yet, the passion was not really sparked until 2003, when he got his hands on a VHS tape of WCW Bash at the Beach ’98. For countless hours, he poured over the video screen. He studied the moves of Chris Jericho, Rey Mysterio, Dean Malenko, and the NWO. It was the peak of the popularity of professional wrestling in United States and Devion was consumed by it. He announced to his parents, shortly thereafter, that he would be a wrestler!

His parents took his passion to heart and encouraged it. Moving to neighboring Oklahoma so that he could be trained and compete in wrestling. Over the course of his high school career, Devion won the state runner-up in both freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling. Yet troubles also came.

After finishing school, he was unfocused and went through the dark times as many people do in their early lives. His passion was for wrestling, but that seemed far away. Moving to Central Texas, which was when Devion found the Rhodes Wrestling Academy, ran by Dustin Rhodes (son of Dusty Rhodes). He threw himself into the training and once again discovered his passion for competing.

Starting with a makeshift ring in the corner of a baseball field, he literally learned the ropes. Each step propelled him further along. His confidence grew as his chain wrestling technique separated him from the others. Labeled “The Technician,” he began to dominate those that he was tasked with facing. Each victory brought more confidence and purpose. That was when he announced his intent, Devion decided to take over the Texas wrestling scene.

With a mixture of street smarts, technical wrestling ability, toughness, and arrogance, there is legitimately no limit to what Devion can do in the squared circle. As he is oft to say during interviews, “I am here to break limbs.”

            On Saturday night, March 26th, at the Chisum High School Gym in Paris, Texas, Devion returns! This will not be some local hero, but instead, the return of a conqueror and the announcing of a new superstar!  

Devion - The Technician - Pro Wrestler

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