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The Best of the Big Men

Vince Steele is huge!

Not just in the world of professional wrestling, but he is, very literally, a huge man! Standing six foot six inches and weighing over 465 pounds, Steele is a throw-back to the big men of yester-year. As Steele told me, in an exclusive interview, “heavyweights have been lost in modern wrestling.” This sentiment has never been truer.

            Steele was originally trained in the legendary Doghouse of New York City. He is one of the few remaining wrestlers in that long line of accomplished graduates. For the last twenty-one years, he has worked to maintain the super heavy weight division that has been diminished over the previous decades. However, the time of the “big man” has returned!

            When King of Sports President, Joe Briscoe, announced the creation of a true Super Heavy Weight Division last month, it took the wrestling community by storm. His press release, and the subsequent issuing of the title belt design, quickly became the most shared posts online in KOS history. This made news not just in the Texas wrestling circles, but quickly spread to all corners of the wrestling industry.

            This news even reached up to South Boogie, New York where Vince Steele was intrigued. Steele has long been the self-proclaimed “best big man in the business today!” The idea of having a title specifically to prove this statement quickly caught his attention and he reached out to Briscoe with a challenge.

“Bring me to Texas, and you will see what a real big man is!”

Briscoe quickly obliged.

            On Saturday night, March 26th, at the Chisum High School Gym in Paris, Texas,…

Vince Steele makes his Texas wrestling debut. This is not a small one off, nothing with Vince Steele is ever done small. This is the return of the Super Heavy Weights, the return to the King Kong Bundy’s and the One Man Gang’s. This is the return of real giants battling it out for the winner’s purse! Vince Steele does not intend to leave empty handed.

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