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What Does J. J. Hart Want?

On Friday night, January 29th at 7:00 pm, King of Sports Wrestling will bring the action of old school wrestling to Paris, Texas once again. Having partnered with Paris ISD to hold a student fundraiser event in the middle school gym, King of Sports is bringing all the top wrestling talent from the state of Texas. This event is wrestling the way it used to be, entertaining for all ages of fans, a top-notch athletic contest. 

But there is blight on the pristine reputation of King of Sports, owned and operated by the legendary UWF wrestler, Joe Briscoe. That blight comes with a name and mouth that almost never stops running, that blight is J. J. Hart. Hart has associated himself with some of the biggest and meanest of the King of Sports competitors. 

JJ Hart | Hart International Wrestler Manager

Hart’s original interest in King of Sports was somewhat unknown. He appeared at an event several years ago to simply “catch up” with his old friend/nemesis Joe Briscoe. However, before the evening was over, he was escorting Haiden, one of the brawlers of KOS, to the ring. After inserting himself a little too much in the action, Briscoe and Hart had a heated exchange in the dressing room. From that point on, it has appeared that Hart’s primary purpose is to bring in the meanest wrestlers that money can buy to torment the KOS roster and Briscoe, himself. 

JJ Hart with Kristopher Haiden

Two of the recent athletes to be escorted to the ring by Hart are Angel Camacho and Mike Gunner. Camacho is a beast of a man with a disposition to match. Hulking at over 350 pounds, Camacho can not only brawl but is surprising agile for a man of his size. Teaming with Hart has also brought out a sadistic side of Camacho that has been unmatched in Texas wrestling in recent memory. 

JJ Hart and Angel Comacho
JJ Hart representing Angel Comacho in the ring.

Gunner was brought out of a lengthy hiatus by Hart at the last King of Sports event in Paris to an immediate impact. Gunner is a multiple time ToughMan winner, a former Golden Gloves Boxer, and one of the most dangerous men in King of Sports. Hart lured him with the promises of big paydays and championship belts. That was enough for Gunner to sign on to the management of Hart International.  

JJ Hart and Mike Gunner

            As Hart disclosed to me in an exclusive interview, “I handle all the arrangements for my clients. Bookings, training, flights, and fights, we make the money and win the championships. We don’t care how, as long as we have the belts and the cash.” It is sentiments like this that has to light a fire under King of Sports President Briscoe as he attempts to enforce fairness and rules on the roster. 

What will happen between these two men? Can they both survive January 29th or will Hart International run over the King of Sports roster? Can Briscoe keep control? 

Joe Briscoe Banning JJ Hart from Main Event
Joe Briscoe banning JJ Hart from the main event for interfering with a match.

            See King of Sports Wresting live, at Paris Junior School Gym, on January 29th. The action, drama, and intensity will be on full display as the athletes battle for the winner’s purse. Wrestling the way it used to be, the way it should be. Tickets are available now!

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